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Cashew Nuts Vacuum Packaging Machine
DZ 400 Vacuum Packing Machine
Cashew Nut Vacuum Packing Machine Price

DZ 400 Small Cashew Nut Vacuum Packing Machine Price

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description:Suitable for vacuum packaging of nuts,food,medicine,chemical raw materials,electronic components and other products.

Features The cashew nut vacuum packing machine suitable for all kinds of nuts,food, medicine, chemical raw materials, electronic components and other products. Whether it is solid, powder, paste or liquid, vacuum heat sealing packaging can be carried out. Due to the high degree of vacuum in the bag, the products can be effectively prevented from corrupting and degenerating caused by oxidative mildew and aerobic bacteria multiplication, preserving moisture and preserving moisture, achieving the functions of maintaining the quality, preserving the freshness, preserving the taste and preserving the color.
Cashew Nut Vacuum Packing Machine Features:
1. Vacuum cover: the vacuum cover is made of 4mm 304 stainless steel, which is firm, durable and safe. And the cover is fully transparent plexiglass, the packaging process at a glance.
2. Control panel: packaging process is controlled by electrical system automatically, for different packing material, set with extraction time, heating time and heating temperature adjusting knob, convenient adjustment, in order to achieve the best effect of packaging.
3. Vacuum pump of dz 400 vacuum packing machine: in circular pump with air suction valve and exhaust valve body, equipped with an eccentric rotor and moving point by centrifugal force in the rotor slot, three leaves the vane pump separated into three parts, the volume as the rotation of the rotor changes periodically, complete the suction, compression, exhaust, forming a vacuum.
4. Heating silica gel: under vacuum negative pressure, it can also isolate air, and has superior performance, ensuring food safety and good sealing effect.
5. Connect the professional electrician with clear line marking and thermal overload protection system.
6. The whole small cashew nut vacuum packing machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel in a harsh environment such as water and salt, the machine still does not rust, no bacteria, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good vacuum effect, long service life.
7. Save labor, reliable quality, high vacuum packaging efficiency, applicability superior.
Before send you the price of cashew nut packing machine, we have to know your raw materials, then introduce you a suitable model, final send you an accurate price.

nuts vacuum packaging machine
Technical Data
Model LGDZ-400T LGDZ-400TS LGDZ-400TSD
Vacuum Chamber Size(mm) 445*440*75 445*440*75 445*440*175
Max Product Size(mm) 445*310*75 380*440*75 380*440*175
Dimension(cm) 57*50*53 57*50*53 57*57*63
Weight(kg) 71 72 82
Power(w) 1800-2200 1500-2000 1500-2000
Time(s) 1-9.9 1-9.9 1-9.9
Vacuum Pump Power(w) 900 900 900
Voltage(v/hz) 220/50 or 110/60 220/50 or 110/60 220/50 or 110/60



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