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single chamber vacuum packaging machine
grain vacuum packaging machine
vacuum packing machine for grain

LG-600 Single-chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine for Grain

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description:The machine is design for grains,can also packaging rice,tea,coffee,flour and other materials that are easy to pour.

LG-600 single-chamber vacuum packaging machine is design for grains, can effectively prevent oxidation and aerobic bacteria. Can ensure that items dry, non-corrosive and deterioration, easy to transport. This machine is suitable for vacuum packaging of rice, tea, coffee, flour and other materials that are easy to pour.
single chamber vacuum packaging machine

1. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, no oxidation, no rust, platen selection of 6-8mm thick stainless steel, to solve the vacuum chamber cracking, deformation problems. Four corners of the device using caster, and the use of adjusting bolts can adjust the height of the equipment.
2. Imported high-quality soft bottom five layers to strengthen the rubber track and aluminum fixed to ensure that the bags are not scratched, anti-aging.
3. The heating device using aluminum-magnesium alloy material, the use of water cooling, long-term use is not easy to damage, the temperature will not fluctuate suddenly, the product beautiful and generous seal.
4. The studio for vertical movements, the use of bearing-oriented linkage structure, with good stability, easy to wear, smooth and prominent significant features.
grain vacuum packaging machine
Technical Data
Model LGDZ-600
Vacuum chamber size 620*620*100mm
Voltage 220V.50HZ
Power 1.5kw
Dimension 760*690*106mm
Weight 152kg
Closed form double
Single seal size 600*10mm



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