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meat vacuum packing machine
thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine for Meat

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description:high speed, save labor, sanitary and clean

Features Thermoforming vacuum packaging is an internal packaging method using two rolls of film. Its packaging process consists of heating to form bottom film into tray-like cavities, loading meat onto them and sealing in a vacuum with the top film.
Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Process:
The thermoforming process begins from the bottom film. In the sealing die, the bottom film will be thermoformed (heated and formed) into tray-like cavity. After meat are loaded on the bottom film, the top film will match it. Products are sealed in vacuum or modified atmosphere in the sealing die. Later, meat will undergo two-way cutting – lengthwise and widthwise into the individual pack.

Meat Vacuum Packing Machine Features:
❤ Fully automated production. Each production link is controlled by the control panel. Before packaging, you only need to set various parameters on the operation panel, and then turn on the switch, and then automatic packaging can be realized according to the set program.
❤ Process operation. A series of operating procedures is equivalent to a production line. Because of this process-based operation, the equipment's working capacity is increased, and the entire production process only requires 1-2 workers to place the meat in the material filling area, and other links are automated by the thermoforming vacuum packaging machine.
❤ Multiple functions. The meat vacuum packing machine can not only achieve vacuuming, but also add auxiliary functions to complete packaging according to the characteristics of different products. Such as printing date, punching etc.
meat vacuum packing machine factory
What Are the Advantages of Vacuum Packaging?
Hygiene Form Vacuum Sealing
Exhausting air can improve hygiene and extend shelf life, so vacuum packaging is widely used in food production.
 Convenient Storage and Transportation
Tightly sealed, making stack storage and transportation easier.
 Visual Transparency
With the help of the transparency of the film, customers can see the product more clearly and gain confidence in choosing.
 Adaptability to Product Appearance Change
‘Within the forming die dimension’, it is adaptable to new size or appearance of product by substitution of ‘formers’ -the thermoforming patterns.  
Technical Data
Model LGDLZ-420(320 520)
Upper film width 396
Under film width 422
Size of the room 400×(200-400)
Speed 90-110pcs/min
Weight 1500kg
Power 10kw
Dimension 5.8*0.9*1.9m



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