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Sold Pet Bottle Juice Filling Machine to Algeria

By:Sherry         Date:October-04-18

A few days ago, we received an inquiry about pet bottle juice filling machine from a Algeria customer, he wrote that:
“ Hello,
I think I can make a decision here:
Can your filling machine fill three colors or three flavors at a time?
2- can you make a CFD24 filling machine that can be filled with six flavors or six colors? Whose capacity would be 28000 cups / hour?
Failing the six-color filler I will take two of three colors at a time that will produce 15,000 cups / h for each one.
For UV you have to incorporate it just below the mugs cover film to sterilize it.
Regarding pasteurization I opted for a hot water pasteurizer, cooler and cup drier.
Thank you for your feedback. ”
 Ship Pet Bottle Filling Machine To Algeria
After receiving the customer's email, we contacted the customer immediately and asked the customer for the packing specification.
“ Yes you can see the picture is temporarily because I expect the supplier the photo and the final dimensions. Volume fill is between 15 to 16 ml in each bottle. ”
According to the customer’s requirement, we introduce a suitable aseptic juice bottle filling machine model to him and send the quotation with video, price, and picture to him. After the customer read our quotation, he said that he also want to buy a capping machine for the pet bottle filling machine. Then we have remade the quotation. After several exchanges, the customer finally decided to buy our pet bottle juice filling machine and paid the deposit. Now we have got the machine ready and will ship to Algeria.


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