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Sold Liquid Filling Machine To UK

By:Sherry         Date:January-31-19

Today, we sold one set of liquid filling machine to UK, this UK customer will use the manual liquid filling machine to fill the honey into bottle.
The machine is suitable for heavy liquids, such as peanut butter, sesame butter, honey, shampoo,etc.
 UK Liquid Filling Machine
Working Principle:
The machine is a semi-automatic piston filling machine, which extracts and sends out materials through the piston driven by the cylinder, controls the flow of materials with a one-way valve, and controls the stroke of the cylinder with a magnetic spring switch, so as to adjust the filling amount.
The machine is in the company's production of filling machine series on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology for further reform and innovation. This machine uses the stainless steel magnetic gear pump for the liquid transmission power, the core uses the microcomputer single chip microcomputer control, the design is reasonable, the structure is compact, the operation is convenient, the metering adjustment is accurate and convenient, the quality is reliable and the life is long. The machine body is made of stainless steel, with full functions, which can work alone or connected with assembly line.
 Bottled Honey
〇 Pneumatic three-way valve, and is SS316 stainless steel, easy to clean.
〇 Standard measuring scale, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted.
〇 With counting device, the filling times can be calculated automatically.
〇 Sealing parts are made of silicone rubber (wear resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance) and fluorine rubber (wear resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, strong corrosion resistance).
Although this is the first time we have sold this liquid filling machine to UK, we have sold our cellophane wrapping machine to UK many times. If you have any demand for packaging machine, please contact us for free.


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