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Selling Beef Jerky Packaging Machine In California

By:Sherry         Date:September-12-18

Today, we sold one set beef jerky packaging machine to California. This is the first time we selling beef jerky packaging machine in California. That's a very good start for us. This means that our machines can meet the needs of California customers. We hope to achieve long-term cooperation with California customers.
This automatic beef jerky packaging machine is also suitable for candy, melon seeds, pet food, puffed food and other granular items.
Machine Performance:
1. Powerful computer connection function (including daily production statistics by computer).
2. Automatic screening function can directly exclude unqualified products.
3. The opening Angle of the motor can be set freely according to the characteristics of the measured object to realize high-speed and accurate weighing and filling.
4.  Several buckets combined into the target weight can be set as feeding in sequence, which can effectively solve the blockage problem of leavened materials.
 Beef Jerky Packing California
Machine Features:
1. Adopt high-precision digital weighing sensor for accurate measurement, Chinese/English and other languages, liquid crystal display operating system.
2. IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof design. Main parts are stainless steel, clean and sanitary.
3. Have strong self-diagnosis ability to effectively reduce mechanical failure rate.
4. There is a powerful help menu to make it easier for you to operate.
5. Powerful data automatic statistics function, recording the total weight, total package number and qualified rate of each batch of production.
We believe that it is these features that attract California customer to buy our machines, and we believe that our machines will satisfy our customers. And we will sell the beef jerky packaging machine in California again.


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