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Candy Packaging Machine Sold To Malaysia

By:Sherry         Date:August-08-18

Are you a candy producer in Malaysia? We are a Chinese manufacturer of automatic candy packing machine. We have sold many sets candy packaging machine sold to Malaysia.
We have a large number of machines on the market, not just in Malaysia. We also sell machines in other overseas countries. As a manufacturer and supplier of candy packaging machine, we have a first-class team of designers to produce machines. Our staff have many years of production experience. There are many unique insights into the design and manufacture of machines. Pioneering and innovation is our corporate spirit, and we have been working hard to expand overseas markets.
Candy Packaging Machine Malaysia

This candy packaging machine is a new machine produced by our company. Some customers will ask, what are the new aspects of your machine? Before answering this question, I will let you know the customer's experience of our new machine. A customer in Malaysia told us that this machine is the most smooth and simple machine he has ever operated for horizontal packaging. Besides, the maintenance of the machine is very simple, which saves a lot of tedious steps. Our company will be his long-term partner in China. Why do customers rate the candy packaging machine so well? Let me give you more details.
1. The structure of the machine is more compact, making it easier for the operator to adjust and set up the machine. It is especially easy to change the size of the product.
2. Automatic control of material position. The machine can achieve the purpose of automatic positioning and make products enter the packaging machine in an orderly manner. It can not only achieve accurate positioning, stable delivery but also run at high speed.
3. This machine is equipped with a multi-stage feeding system, which can make the feeding process clearer and easier to control. The operation experience of the staff is very good.
4. The machine can support a variety of belt operation. For example, food grade blue antibacterial PU, anti - adhesive tape and so on are optional belt types. Can meet customer's different requirements.
5. High quality electrical components are used in machines, intelligent PLC, touch screen and other first-class equipment are used in our machines. Advanced electrical components can make the operation simpler, more intuitive, and the working process more smooth.
The various advanced functions and first-class equipment of the machine make candy packaging machine very popular in Malaysia, as well as in other overseas countries. We believe our machines will make you trust our company more. If you are interested in machines or have any questions about them, please feel free to call us.


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