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Automatic Candy Packing Machine
Hard Candy Packing Machine
Hard Candy

Automatic Pillow Type Hard Candy Packing Machine Manufacturers

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:Used for packing candy, like soft candy, hard candy, cane Candy, chocolate candy, wafer biscuit,etc.

Features Our company is a professional manufacturer specializing in all kinds of automatic candy packing machine. The company has a perfect management mechanism and a first-class processing and manufacturing team. With design, development, production, installation and service complete operation system, we sincerely provide all pre-sales and after-sales services to our customers. With quality to create a brand, with service to build credibility, sincerely hope to reach long-term cooperation with customers at home and abroad.

Pillow Type Down-film Candy Packing Machine
This automatic candy packing machine is specially used for packing candy, like soft candy, hard candy, cane candy, chocolate candy, wafer biscuit,etc.
Pillow Type Candy Packing Machine Features:
1. With adjustable bag-making device, for different sizes of packaging, just rotate the adjustable knob can be adjusted to complete the product variety conversion.
2. High sensitivity photoelectric wink mark tracking, digital input sealing position, so that the sealing position more accurate.
3. The machine is equipped with leakage protection switch, can ensure the safety of people and pillow type candy packing machine, the front of the sealing knife with emergency stop switch and shield, you can prevent operators in the mistaken operation of the injury.
4. Temperature independent PID control, better suitable for a variety of packaging materials.
5. Simple transmission system, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance.
6. Positioning stop function, Non-stick knife, do not waste packaging film.
candy packing machine
Automatic Candy Packing Machine Announcements:
1. The machine should fix the product nameplate in an obvious position, and indicate the main technical parameters needed for the machine to work normally, such as rated current and voltage, heat temperature and so on.
2. Corresponding safety measures must be taken in the dangerous parts of the packing machine that may cause personal harm. The components of relative motion, such as moving parts such as shearing, must ensure a safe distance to prevent the operator from being injured. The potentially dangerous rotating parts should be placed as much as possible inside the machine. The parts which are exposed to the outside, the parts that affect the safety of the person must take protective measures.
3. The parts that may be loose in the mechanical operation must have reliable anti loosening measures.
4. When the hard candy packing machine needs to discharge waste, the corresponding device should be installed to avoid the damage to the operator.

Candy Packing Machine Video:
Technical Data
Model LG-1000A
Voltage 380v
Power 3.5 kw
Packing Film Width 50-140 mm
Bag-making size 20-65 mm
Packing speed 1000 bags/min
Weight 500 kg
Size 4000*950*1500 mm



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