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Sold Mustard Oil Packing Machine In India

By:Sherry         Date:June-28-18

Today, we sold one set mustard oil packing machine to India. This automatic mustard oil filling machine is aimed at automatic filling of bottled liquid, which will complete transportation, filling and other operations automatically, with high degree of automation, safety, simplicity and reliability.
1. This machine adopts the filling method of liquid surface, which is suitable for filling various non-foam liquid materials.
2. The unique filling head design makes the operation of the machine easier, the infusion speed faster and more accurate; And to the maximum extent after the infusion to prevent the leakage of liquid.
3. When operation, the operator put empty bottles in the empty bottles area, press the start button, the empty bottle will be automatically transported to the corresponding filling position, when the bottle mouth is aligned with the filling head, the filling head will be inserted into the bottle automatically and the filling will be completed automatically.
4. At the end of filling, the filling head is automatically lifted to the outside of the bottle, the conveyor takes the bottle to the lid machine for the lid. (If the client does not purchase the capping machine, this step needs to be manually manipulated)
This mustard oil packing machine is hot selling machine in our company, and except India, we have export this machine to USA, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries, if you have any question, please contact us for free.
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Mustard Oil Packing Machine


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