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Working Principle of Filler Machine

By:Sherry         Date:November-14-19

This filler machine is very popular for many materials, such as honey, peanut butter, tomato sauce and other paste. But do you know how does the filler machine work?
Working principle of filler machine:
Through the forward and backward movement of the cylinder, the piston in the cylinder is driven to reciprocate, so that the front chamber of the cylinder generates a negative pressure. When the cylinder moves backward, the piston is pulled backward, and a negative pressure is generated in the front chamber of the cylinder. The material in the supply tank is pressed into the feed hose by atmospheric pressure, and enters the feed tank through the tee pipe of the inlet and outlet. As the cylinder moves forward, push the piston forward and squeeze the material. The material passes through the one-way valve in the discharge joint, enters the discharge hose, enters the bottle to be filled, and completes one filling.
 Filler Machine
How to adjust the filling volume?
There is a hand wheel with a scale on the side of the machine. The amount of filling can be changed by hand shaking. The hand wheel rotates clockwise, the filling amount is reduced, the clock is rotated counterclockwise, and the filling amount is increased. Repeat the adjustment until it is adjusted to the required filling volume.
Adjustment of filling accuracy
The filling error is mainly determined by the filling amount, the filling speed, and the switching speed of the upper and lower valves. The switching speed of the upper and lower valves is related to the viscosity of the product. The higher the viscosity, the slower the valve switching speed. Adjusting the switching speed of the valve mainly adjusts the spring pressure of the valve. As the spring pressure increases, the valve's switching speed increases. Adjusting the spring pressure of the valve should be determined by trial filling and the experience of the operator.


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