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How Does a Volumetric Filler Work?

By:Sherry         Date:November-22-19

Volumetric filler is a very common filling equipment, but how does a volumetric filler work? It works very simply.
It adopts the volumetric method to measure and control the filling volume by adjusting the plunger volume; the feed port is provided with a feed pump or a raw material storage tank to press the material from the tank to the filling machine. The filter device can be added to remove impurities before filling to ensure product quality. Fast filling is achieved by the reciprocating motion of the piston.
 volumetric filler
〇 Self-priming, fills directly out of a drum or vessel, no pump needed
〇 High accuracy and reproduceability
〇 Easy to clean removable filling cylinder or automatic rinse cycle
〇 Adjustable stainless steel work table on casters
〇 Fully pneumatic operation
〇 Expandable with feed and discharge roll conveyor, sub-level filling lance, lid pressing, crimping, screw cap closing, etc.
How does a volumetric filler work step by step?
1. Turn on the power switch display.
2. Turn on the feed switch.
3. Select the Fully automatic or semi-automatic switch.
Fully automatic: When the induction switch senses the filling container, the filling begins immediately until the filling is complete, and when the container is to be re-positioned, the next filling action begins until the filling is completed.
Semi automatic: Place the container to ensure that when the container port is in the middle position corresponding to the filling port, press the foot switch and the filling action begins until the filling is completed.
4. Emergency stop: If the filling process found that the container is full, the filling port continues to fill, at this time press the red emergency stop button, all actions immediately stop, troubleshooting before the filling can continue.


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