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How to Use Liquid Filling Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:November-06-19

The manual liquid filling machine is widely used in a variety of sauces, but do you know How to use liquid filling machine?
The specific steps are as follows:
1. Connect the bucket to the top of the injection control rotary valve and lock the joint with the clamp.
2. Install the machine's injection nozzle and lock it with a clamp.
3. Move the pneumatic magnetic switch to the desired filling position.
4. Switch on the air supply.
How to Use Liquid Filling Machine
5. Turn on the air supply switch (spool valve) of the machine.
6. Switch the operating mode of the selector switch to “foot”.
7. Step on the foot switch until material flows out of the filling head.
8. Rotate the discharge speed throttle valve and the feed speed throttle valve to adjust the appropriate pumping speed and filling speed. In order to improve work efficiency, the feed rate can be adjusted a little faster, and the filling speed can be slowed down a bit.(Do not allow material or bubbles to flow out of the bottle during the filling process)
9. The filling amount is measured, and the filling amount is adjusted by moving the pneumatic stroke switch.(Note that the pneumatic travel switch should not be moved at will, it is set at the factory)
10. When adjusting the filling amount, slide the pneumatic travel switch to the set value and then fix it.
11. After the operation is proficient, you can switch the working mode to "automatic".
The operation method of this machine is very simple, don't worry about how to use liquid filling machine after buying it, we will send you detailed operation manual and operation video.


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