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Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide

By:Sherry         Date:January-19-18

vacuum sealer
Customers in the purchase of vacuum packing machine, because the product range too much, they do not know how to choose a suitable vacuum packing machine? We from the following points for a detailed analysis.

1. The nature of the product need to be packaged
Different vacuum packing machines for different products, some special properties of the packaging, such as fluid, powder, granular and bulk objects, it is necessary to meet the vacuum packaging function, but also to achieve better vacuum packaging effect.
2. Choose the right model
Vacuum packing machine from the functional point of view, including ordinary, rolling, continuous stretch film and small vacuum packaging machines, according to the different production, choose your own vacuum packaging equipment.
3. Whether plant power suitable for vacuum sealer machine
Some vacuum packing machine using 380V power supply, others use 220V power supply, If the power is too far away from the vacuum packing machine,you need to increase the length of the wire, so there may be caused by voltage shortage, affecting production, so you should choose the suitable vacuum packing machine according to the power of their own plant.
4.Comprehensive evaluation of the quality of vacuum packaging machines and after-sales service, choose a high cost performance, good after-sales service vacuum packing machine manufacturers.
5. Before buying vacuum packaging machine, you must first consult the manufacturer whether the supply of accessories for their own sale to provide protection.


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