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What Should You Pay Attention To Before Using Manual Oil Filling Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:January-18-18

Oil filling machine manual
Often use oil filling machine, in advance to do the following points before you can start filling:
1. Prevent connecting rod break
If you use oil filling machine in winter, it is important to note that when the temperature is below 0 ℃, must use hot water dissolved quantitative pump and pipe icing, otherwise it will cause the connecting rod broken, or equipment can not start normally.
2. Prevent the filling quality damage
Regularly check the equipment of the moving parts and lubrication, and often add lubricating oil, otherwise the machine's service life and filling quality will be seriously affected.
3. Prevent the filling equipment pollution
When stopping the use of oil filling machine, should be timely use of water to flush the residual liquid in the pipeline, otherwise these residual fluid metamorphism, will affect the next use of the filling quality.
4. Prevent burnout equipment
In the discovery of oil filling machine abnormal situation, should immediately cut off the power, in the elimination of problems and then reuse.
5. Prevent heat conduction rate from falling
To regularly check, remove hot sealing copper block face on the presence of foreign bodies, do not allow its scaling phenomenon, otherwise, it is easy to cause the oil filling machine heat conductivity does not drop, so that copper block temperature increase, cross hot sealing hot-cut bag abnormal problems.


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