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Vacuum Sealer Food Saver

By:Sherry         Date:January-19-18

Vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealer
is widely used in life, suitable for a variety of solid, powder packaging. The vacuum chamber volume of the vacuum packing machine is large, the vacuum chamber to complete the vacuum and sealing directly, use open-door mode of operation, easy to operate.
The main application of vacuum packaging:
1. For all types of electronic products (semiconductors, circuit boards, electronic products, etc.) and metal processing parts of the vacuum packaging, moisture, oxidation, discoloration.
2. For the fabric, cotton wool products, vacuum packaging, packaging and compression volume, saving logistics costs.
3. For food in seafood, fruits, tea, salt, soy products, vacuum packaging, to prevent oxidative deterioration, extended shelf life. Or filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other protective gas to preserve fresh taste, and can be shockproof.


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