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Stick Pack Packaging Machine for Sale

By:Sherry         Date:March-28-18

Stick pack packaging machine
The stick pack packaging machine is composed of a programmable controller, a large servo motor display touch screen to form the driving control core, easy to operate. Perfect automatic alarm protection function, will reduce the loss to the lowest, help the user to eliminate the trouble in time. Use intelligent thermostat to ensure that the seal of the beautiful, smooth, compatible, easy to work with other packaging equipment. The stick pack packing machine can be based on customer needs, the choice of back seal, three-side seal, four-side seal.
Performance characteristics of stick pack packaging machine:
1. When the feeder is working,it can be based on the proportion of the material to adjust themselves to achieve higher precision, faster.
2. The work more stable, the sensitivity is higher, has broken the traditional instrument type control mode.
3. Easy transfer handover, and feedback of the current product pass rate timely.
4. Chinese/English operating interface, the action time can be set, more intuitive and convenient operation.
5. Weighing bucket can be equipped with glass cover, reduce the pollution of the work environment.
6. To facilitate the removal of residual materials, easy to use next time.
Operation number:
1 people, the production of 50 bags/min, and convenient management, the finished product more beautiful.

Scope of application:
Mainly applicable to tea, coffee and other small particles or powder packaging.
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