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Box Wrapping Machine Manufacturers

By:Sherry         Date:March-28-18

box wrapping machine manufacturer
As box wrapping machine manufacturer, we know more details about the machine, and here are some of the features of the wrapping machine:
1. This machine is fully automatic box wrapping machine, automatic conveying, automatic packaging.Especially suitable for individual box packaging, can be packaged in different sizes of boxes to meet the needs of different manufacturers.
2. The box wrapping machine widely used in cosmetics, perfume, tea, health care products, gifts, food and other industries in the box packaging.
3. It can complete a variety of specifications packaging, just replace the mold, you can pack different specifications (length, height, width) box-type packaging.
4. This wrapping machine is stable and reliable operation, sealing solid, flat and beautiful.After packaging can improve the sealing, with moistureproof, anti-counterfeiting, dustproof and other effects.
5. If you need to pack a large box, we recommend you use 400A cellophane wrapping machine models, this model is not only suitable for large box packaging, it is also possible to pack multiple boxes together.
When you buy our box wrapping machine, we have to let you know the following details:
1. If you need packaging materials, we can also provide you packaging materials.
2. Our quotation includes the price and freight of the machine, in which the freight is also the responsibility of the customer.
3. When you purchase our machine, please provide a valid address to prevent the machine from being sent out after delivery.
4. For payment terms, you can go through West UNION, L/C, T/T, CASH, if you want to through other means, you can also negotiate.
If you need other details about box wrapping machine,please contact:


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