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French Fries Packing Machine for Sale

By:Sherry         Date:March-30-18

french fries packing machine
The french fries packing machine is mainly used for packaging granule products, such as sugar, salt, coffee beans, rice, beans, peanuts, melon seeds, grains, grain, nuts, potato chips, french fries, cereals, tea, detergent, desiccant and so on.
Characteristics of french fries packing machine:
1. The machine can complete the following work automatically: Material elevator--combination scale metering--code--making bag---filling--inflatable/exhaust (optional)--seal--count--finished product output--finished.
2. Use PLC servo and pneumatic control system, the large touch screen to form the core of the driving control, reliability and intelligence of high degree.
3. Touch screen can store a variety of different product packaging process parameters.
4. With a fault display system, you can eliminate problems timely.
5.Can customize perforated knife holder according to customer’s requirement.
Component of frozen french fries packaging machine:
1. Computer combination scale, combination of high precision and high speed, through computer calculation, choose accurate combination.
2.Z type bucket, driven by the chain drive hopper lifting, for vertical transport of particles and small block of materials, with a large amount of lifting, the advantages of higher degree.
3.Supporting platform, the platform is rugged and difficult to shake, beautiful, surrounded by guardrail, practical safety.
4.Products conveyor, the machine can transfer the finished product to the testing equipment or packaging platform.
5. Optional device
(1) Another set of molding and replacement of the molding device.
(2)Gusset device is used to add an angle to the bottom of the bag to allow the bag to stand up.
(3) PE membrane device, packaging film is generally divided into PE film and composite film. They have their own advantages, PE film is relatively soft, low temperature resistance, low cost. Composite film than PE film hard, the price is more expensive.But different packaging film on the french fries packing machine has different requirements, standard packaging machine is the use of composite film, if the customer to buy PE film as packaging materials, the need to add PE device.
(4) Evacuating device
(5) Drilling device
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