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Piston Filling Machine Troubleshooting

By:Sherry         Date:March-31-20

Piston filling machine is a commonly used filling equipment for paste filling, but sometimes, due to incorrect operation methods, some failures will occur. Here we will list some piston filling machine troubleshooting methods.
1. Filling mouth drip oil
(1) Adjust the four bottom corner screws of the machine so that they cannot shake.
(2) Check for particles in the filling valve, if any, remove.
2. Filling speed is too slow
(1) Check whether the intake air pressure is normal. If it is abnormal, check whether the air circuit is blocked and the air compressor is working normally.
(2) Adjust the solenoid valve muffler throttle adjustment screw, withdraw as fast as possible, and turn as slowly as possible.
(3) The intake pressure can be adjusted to 0.4 ~ 0.5Pa.
(4) Check for contamination in the filling valve and remove if there is.
 piston filling machine troubleshooting
3. Cylinder piston does not move
(1) Check whether the safety emergency stop switch is locked.
(2) Check if the air source switch is on.
(3) Check whether the one-way signal valve is damaged.
4. The filling volume is not accurate or does not discharge
(1) Check if the throttle valve is switched.
(2) Increase the pumping speed of the cylinder.
(3) Confirm the useless lock of the tee.
(4) Confirm whether there are enough materials in the bucket.
(5) Confirm whether the joint of each tube is sealed.
5. Materials flow out from the back of the tank
(1) Check whether the sealing ring on the piston is worn, if it is worn, it needs to be replaced.
(2) Confirm whether the piston and piston rod are tight.
The above are several common piston filling machine troubleshooting methods. If you encounter other problems, please contact us.
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