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Merits and Demerits of Volumetric Filling

By:Sherry         Date:March-23-20

Volumetric filling is a very common liquid filling method, which makes the application of volumetric filling machines more and more widely.
But everything has two sides. Volumetric filling also has merits and demerits. Below we will show you some of the merits and demerits of volumetric filling.
 Volumetric Filing Machine
Merits of volumetric filling:
1. Volumetrically Accurate
The volume of the cylinder does not change from fill cycle to fill cycle. Therefore, the same volume of product enters and exits the piston with each stroke. As product is fill into containers, the volume, again, will not change.
2. High speed
Due to the fact that volumetric filling machines do not require a substantial pause before and after filling to weight the cans the overall fill cycle time is typically faster.
3. Simplicity of Use
The fill volume on a filling machine is adjusted using turrets located on the pumps. These are clearly marked and easy to move and make changeovers fast and easy. It is easy to use, changeover, and tune.
Demerits of volumetric filling
1. Material restrictions
Although the machine is suitable for different materials, if the particles are too large, it will cause blockage.
2. Low degree of automation
This model is a semi-automatic machine, so the degree of automation is relatively low. It is only suitable for small-volume filling, not suitable for large-scale production.
Above we have just listed some merits and demerits of volumetric filling, if you have any questions you need to consult, please contact us.


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