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Benchtop Piston Filling Machine for Viscous Liquids

By:Sherry         Date:April-16-20

The using of benchtop piston filling machine for viscous liquids is wide, especially for people who start a new business for small scale business. Not only cost savings, but also good packaging effects.
This piston filling machine is capable of handling water thin to highly viscous products. The operator drops a line of flexible tubing into a tank, adjusts the volume of fill to the desired setting and places an empty container under the filling nozzle. With a simple press of a foot pedal, the exact quantity of liquid is drawn from the drum and dispensed into the container. The machine operates one fill at a time, and stands by until the foot pedal is depressed again.
 benchtop piston filling machine for viscous liquids
How does the benchtop piston filling machine for viscous liquids work?
The piston driven by the cylinder draws the viscous liquids in the hopper through the three-way rotary valve and then feeds the material through the three-way rotary valve. The liquid enters the container from the filling nozzle; the stroke advanced by the cylinder controls the filling volume.
Benchtop piston filling machine features:
1. The new horizontal design, light and convenient, automatically draws materials, and can increase the stirring paddle for the thicker liquid.
2. Manual and automatic mutual switching function, automatic continuous filling, automatic control of feeding, can be equipped with capping device.
3. The feed valve composed of fast feed and slow feed can not only increase the filling speed but also the filling accuracy, and the measurement error is ± 0.2%.
4. The filling head adopts anti-drip device, no bubbles are generated in the material, and the phenomenon of drip and wire drawing is eliminated, and the effect is high.
5. The material cylinder and the tee part are connected by snap type, no special tools are required, and the loading, unloading and cleaning are very convenient.
6. The material contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets GMP requirements. For highly corrosive liquids, the material contact part adopts PTFE material to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.


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