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Fruit Packaging Machine Manufacturers In China

By:Sherry         Date:June-19-18

As one of fruit packaging machine manufacturers in China, we have design, produce fruit packing machine for 8 years, the machine in our company has the following features:
1. The machine adopts advanced and reliable technology to design and produce, bringing together the essence of many years of experience in the field of packaging machinery. The packaging machine can use a variety of composite packaging film materials for packaging to meet the needs of different groups of people.
2. The fresh fruit packing machine with simplify the transmission system, significantly reduce the failure rate and reduce maintenance costs.
3. Increase production, reduce costs. Can improve production technology, product yield and quality have been improved, and can effectively save costs and maximize profits.
4. With feature-rich, stable performance, low noise and other advantages.
5. Packaged product quality stable and more efficient.
6. This fruit packaging machine made in China with a high speed stability and fast dynamic response, to meet the requirements of the transmission control of high-performance occasions. Reduce the time and economic losses due to transmission system failure. At the same time save the speed sensor, with lower maintenance costs.
7. The application of speed sensorless vector control technology, automatically correct the frequency, in order to achieve the stability of the motor speed load changes.
8. With the improvement of automation, the operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of the packaging machine are more convenient and simple, reducing the professional skill requirements of the operators. 
As a fruit packaging machine manufacturer in China, we have perfect after sale service, any question, please contact us for free.
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