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How To Vacuum Pack Pillows

By:Sherry         Date:February-24-18

Vacuum packing machine for pillows
How to vacuum packing pillows?In everyday life, many people choose to buy a vacuum bag, and then put the pillow in the bag, manually vacuum, this method may seem very simple, but when implemented, more troublesome. Because of the large size of the pillows, the bags needed are also large in size and contain a lot of gas inside, which takes a great deal of time if all of the gas is extracted, and again if the seal is not stable Leakage phenomenon. If you have a large number of pillows need to vacuum-packed, then it will spend a lot of labor and time. However, the pillow vacuum packing machine can help you solve this problem, its operation method is only three steps: 1. Put the pillow on the machine table; 2. Open the switch; 3. Put the vacuum packed pillow from the workbench down. And the machine has the following features:
1. Can maintain the smoothness of the pillows.
2. The vacuum effect is good, play a moisture-proof, anti-mildew effect.
3. Simple operation, sealing effect is good, there will be no leakage phenomenon.
4. Using advanced high-tech vacuum technology, ultra-low noise, smooth operation.
5. Overlay device can also be used independently, the direct pressure sealing after exhausting.
6. Save energy, reduce pollution to a greater extent.
Specific steps:
1. Put the pillow on the console of the machine, start the lifting plate so that the plate down, the product's internal discharge of air.
2. Start the sealing device, the device will automatically suppress the pocket and seal. Machine vacuum time, sealing temperature can be adjusted.
3. Finished, start lifting plate, so that the pressure plate rises, in place after the automatic stop. Remove the vacuum packed pillows, pay attention to safety during operation.
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