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How To Deal With The Failure Of The Pillow Packing Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:December-19-17

pillow type packing machine
 type packing machine
 is a kind of packing machine. Its application scope is very extensive. But when using packing machine, if it does not follow the instruction manual, it will be out of order. So how do you deal with these problems?
First, the temperature is too high, the speed is too slow, when the outer layer of the coating is poor heat resistance, the seal will appear the trace of wrinkle. The method of maintenance is to adjust the speed, reduce the temperature and change the material of the film.
Two, the air pressure is wrong, the cylinder swing rod is loose, the heating temperature is low, the hot pressing roll and the drive roll are not parallel when the heat seal is not parallel. The method of maintenance is to adjust the degree of parallelism and adjust the temperature and pressure to tighten it.
Three, the speed is too fast, the coating inner layer heat seal is poor, when the temperature is too low, the seal will leak seal or not. The method of maintenance is to slow down the speed, to raise the temperature and to replace the film material. And to note that the power supply is switched on before you have to insert the induction air plug, and tighten the screws; can not use metal containers, but not on the metal surface by pressing the start button, otherwise it will damage the machine; often should touch head surface in the process of work, check whether the overheating, such as found in hot should stop heating. After cooling to work. Be sure to pay attention to safety in the maintenance of the pillow packing machine so as to avoid personal danger.
Five, the color of the film is too light, the film drive is slippery, and when the color mark is not opened, the cutting position will deviate from the color code. Then the maintenance method is to adjust its sensitivity with reference to the pillow packaging machine manual.


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