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Tomato Paste Packing Machine Scope Of Application

By:Sherry         Date:December-20-17

Tomato Paste Packing Machine
Tomato paste is a very popular food seasoning, now more and more manufacturers to produce tomato sauce, tomato sauce market vigorous development also promotes the development of the tomato paste packing machine industry. As a professional packing machine manufacturer, we have invested more manpower and material in the design and development of the ketchup packaging machine.
Introduce: this tomato sauce packing machine can automatically complete the whole process of measuring, filling, in the packing of chili sauce, pasta sauce, bean paste, the packaging volume can be freely adjusted within specified range, the measurement error is small, can be used in various environments.
Equipment applicable scope: paste packing machine dedicated to the tomato sauce, chili sauce,  meat and other large items of packaging, suitable for all kinds of sauce filling in viscous body and contains a variety of solid material such as chili, peanuts, meat, seasoning and other objects in a variety of containers, suitable for all kinds of packaging bags of sauces.
Equipment parameters:
Packaging speed: 25-60bags /min
Accuracy: + 1%
Power supply voltage: 220V/50Hz


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