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Pillow Packing Machine Installation Instructions

By:Sherry         Date:December-18-17

Pillow-type packing machine using variable speed variable speed motor running through the V-belt drive tooth chain CVT rotation gearbox through the speed of the chain, get a different speed of operation. The installation of the product needs to be carried out in accordance with the instructions Installation, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Today, there are many product models, and with the continuous innovation of science and technology, more updated products to meet people's needs, especially the company's products, performance is constantly being improved. What is the main working principle of pillow packing machine?
Pillow packaging machine packaging film installed on the axis of the roller, the object is placed in the packaging material feeder (for irregular shapes of objects need to manually add material), the conveyor belt will automatically be packaged objects transported to the packaging position, and then after heating Pressure molding, sent to the horizontal sealing cutter heat sealing, cut off. Then by the conveyor output finished.
Reminder: Now there are many manufacturers of pillow packing machine, choose a suitable for their own manufacturers need to examine. The birth of the product brought a lot of convenience to human life, but the pillow-type packaging machine with the continuous development of science and technology innovation, so for their own benefit, choose their own packaging machine is very important.

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