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Advantage Of External Vacuum Packaging Machine

By:Sherry         Date:December-25-17

External Vacuum Packaging Machine
The external vacuum packaging machine can be used to pack food and so on, mainly to pack larger items. Let's understand the advantages of using the vacuum packing machine.
1. External vacuum packing machine can be used for seafood, fruit, salted articles, bean products and so on, to prevent them from oxidizing and deteriorating.
2. The vacuum packing machine can also be used for packaging of all kinds of electronic products.
3. Vacuum packing machine can also be used for vacuum packaging with cloth, cotton wool and other products.
4. Out of the vacuum packing machine covers a small area, as long as one person can be operated to facilitate the packaging of some small pieces of goods.
5.The sealing pressure of the external vacuum packing machine is relatively large, which completely changes the phenomenon that the sealing of the packaging is not strong.
The outside pumping vacuum packing machine is divided into horizontal vacuum packing machine and vertical pumping vacuum packing machine according to the different placement of the package. The package of the horizontal pump vacuum packer is placed horizontally, and the package of the vertical suction vacuum packer is placed vertically.
Use range of vacuum packing machine:
Outside pumping vacuum packing machine is used in vacuum packing of cloth and cotton wool products to compress packing volume and save logistics cost.
It is used in vacuum packaging of various electronic products (semiconductor, circuit board, electronic finished product, etc.) and machine metal parts to prevent moisture and discoloration.


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