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How To Package Dried Herbs For Sale?

By:Sherry         Date:December-29-18

How to package dried herbs for sale? This is maybe a different problem for some pharmacy, because some herbs are granulated, some herbs are powdered, and some require mixed packaging, which brings some difficulty to packaging. So how do you make packing easier?
 Dried Herb Package

The vertical packaging machine can help you do this. So how to package dried herbs by machine?
Firstly, control the blanking of dried herbs, and then weigh them. When the required weight is reached, the system will automatically stop, and then proceed to the next process. After the material enters the packaging bag, the computer controls the sealing device of the packaging bag for sealing, and then cuts off the packaging bag to complete the whole packaging process. And the packaging system is not fixed, customers can completely adjust the appropriate parameters according to their needs.

How To Package Dried Herb For Sale 
〇 The machine adopts intelligent numerical control system, stepping motor bag-pulling mechanism adopts advanced photoelectric system, stable and reliable performance, widely used in the packaging of medical materials. The fuselage adopts stainless steel design, which will not pollute the material when it comes into contact with it.
〇 Air circuit control and circuit control box are separated independently, the noise is small, the circuit is more stable.
〇 Double belt servo pull film, pull film resistance is small, packaging bag molding, more beautiful, belt is not easy to wear.
〇 Using the external type of film release mechanism, packaging film installation is simpler and easier.
〇 The deviation adjustment of the packaging bag only needs to be adjusted on the touch screen, which is easy to operate.
〇 The machine adopts a closed mechanism to effectively prevent dust from entering the machine and ensure the cleanliness of dried herbs medicine.
If you want to package dried herb for sale, please contact us. 


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