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How To Fill Lotion Bottles?

By:Sherry         Date:December-21-18

How to fill lotion bottles? There are many methods, you can use either a measuring cup, plastic bag, or manual filling machine.
How to fill lotion bottles by measuring cup?
1. Pour your lotion into a microwave-safe measuring cup.
2. Put the measuring cup in your microwave and set the timer for 30 seconds.
3. Mix up your lotion with a metal spoon.
Lotion Bottles
4. Place a funnel in the top of your empty bottle if you want to avoid spills.
5. Pour your lotion into your bottle from the measuring cup.
6. Put your lid or dispenser back on once you fill your bottle to the neck.
How to fill lotion bottles by filling machine?
This machine drives the piston inside the material cylinder to do reciprocating movement through the forward and backward movement of the cylinder, thus, the front chamber of the cylinder produces negative pressure, through filling rotary valve, and the signal valve control cylinder stroke, can adjust the amount of filling, so as to achieve accurate filling effect.
Lotion Bottles Filling Machine 
〇 The machine can be filled with any thin or sticky liquid or paste through a drip - free nozzle. It is suitable for food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, cosmetics industry and other special industries.
〇 The filling capacity is adjustable from 2ml to 4000ml. The piston and cylinder block of the machine are made of stainless steel and teflon, fully comply with GMP requirements. All filling machines are required to have air source, piston and cylinder size fully universal. Maintenance is very simple and does not require any tools.
〇 The unique filling head design of this machine can ensure no leakage, no waste, and has optional anti-foam filling head.
〇 The machine can also be attached with other devices according to the needs of customers to complete special production requirements, such as anti-wire drawing, anti-impurities and so on.
Fill lotion bottles by filling machine is a very easy way, and it does not have complex operation process, a person can operate, help you save a lot of manpower and material resources.


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