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How To Start a Jeera Packing Business?

By:Sherry         Date:February-22-19

Jeera is a kind of spice, they always packed into pouch, but what should you do if you want to start a jeera packing business? Before you start a jeera packing business, there are two essential elements. One is packing machine, another is pouch.
 Jeera Packing Business

How to choose a packing machine?
There are two types of packing machine on the market, one is making pouch when packing, the other is using prefabricated pouch. If you are just starting the jeera packing business, we suggest you use the first one, because it is small in size and not very large in production. It is very suitable for customers who are just starting the business. This machine can automatically complete bag-making, measuring, feeding, sealing, cutting, counting, using advanced microcomputer controller, driving stepper motor control bag length, stable performance, convenient adjustment, accurate detection. Advanced frequency conversion stepless speed regulation makes packaging more accurate.
 Jeera Packing Machine

How to choose packaging materials?
After you buying a machine, you need to buy packing materials suitable for it. If you choose the first machine, you only need to buy the packaging film, if you choose the second machine, you will need to buy the pouch. But before buying, must match your machine, otherwise, it will affect the use of machine.
How to operate the machine?
When your preparations are ready, you can start processing, you can hire a worker to help you do the job, or you can do it by yourself. Don't worry that you won't be operating the machine. We will send you a detailed operating manual and video. Once you have done it, you can officially put it into use.
The above is the attention of doing jeera packing business, finally, wish you success in your business.


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