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Perfume Cellophane Overwrapping Machine For Sale

By:Sherry         Date:February-24-18

cellophane wrapping machine for perfume
Automatic perfume cellophane overwrapping machine with high packaging speed, precision packaging accuracy, low energy consumption, both to ensure adequate production capacity, but also to businesses saving costs.
Perfume cellophane wrapping machine features:
1. The cellophane wrapping machine is mainly used for perfume and cosmetic boxes packaging, such as: lotion, hand cream, essence.
2. Compact structure, stable operation, high speed, small size, low noise, affordable.
3. Simple operation, can reduce packaging costs.
Although the perfume cellophane overwrapping machine has brought convenience for many people, but when using the wrapping machine, you should pay attention to routine maintenance, reduce the failure rate and extend the service life, so that it can better serve you.
When the system is running automatically in the default mode will automatically detect to confirm all the cylinders are in reset state, if not in the reset state, the system will alarm and reset all the cylinders. In order to make the atmospheric pressure in the normal state, when the air pressure is low, the system will have a message to inform the user lack of pressure, the system will not start. The entire system provides two emergency switches, in case of an accident, press the emergency pause button, the system will stop, until the fault is removed, the emergency pause button to restore before they can start working. If you want to make the machine better and safe operation, it is recommended to maintain the machine once a month, try to keep the room clean, the unit volume of air quality to ensure fresh enough, if you do not use the machine, it is best to use cloth or other items to cover the machine , To prevent dust falling onto the machine, affecting the next use.
If you want more detail about perfume cellophane overwrapping machine,please contact sherry.
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