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How to Clean Liquid Filling Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:October-22-19

The liquid filling machine must be disinfected and cleaned after a period of use to ensure the safety of the packaged food. but how to clean liquid filling machine? Whether the cleaning process is very cumbersome? What steps should we follow?
Now we will share you how to clean liquid filling machine.
1. Fully cleaned. Wipe off oil or dirt with a soft cloth and a cleaning agent, then wipe dry with a soft, non-woven cloth. In accordance with GMP requirements, check whether the contact parts of equipment and materials meet the corresponding cleaning requirements, and if not, re-clean and dry.
2. Pour water into the hopper and open the filling button to achieve the purpose of cleaning the pipe.
 How to Clean Liquid Filling Machine?

In addition to cleaning, pay attention to the following items when using, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine for a long time.
1. Operating temperature. The operating temperature of the machine should be between -10 and 50 degrees and the relative humidity should be no more than 85%. When using, there should be no corrosive gas, dust or explosive gas in the surrounding air.
2. Impurity filters should be removed frequently to prevent excessive dirt and affect accuracy.
3. Lubricating oil is very effective for the maintenance of the machine. After the machine has been working for 2-3 months, the back cover should be opened to lubricate the sliding part to avoid rust.
4. When transporting the machine, be careful not to tilt it or carry it down to keep the machine stable.
By following the above precautions, you can use the filling machine safely.


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