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How to Bottle My Juice?

By:Sherry         Date:December-02-19

There are many different types of juice on market, and more and more people plan to start a small juice business. But “how to bottle my juice” is a very important question for juice manufacturing.
Before filling, you must first consider the following issues:
1. Hygiene. Because fruit juice is a food, its hygienic conditions are very high. The filling process must be clean and sterile.
2. Filling speed. If the output is large, choose a high-speed filler, otherwise choose a low-speed one.
3. Container. Different filling containers have different requirements for the filling head.
 How to Bottle My Juice

After identifying these issues, you can choose the machine to help bottle your juice.
Here we want to introduce you our juice filling machine.
1. Using microcomputer control panel, the filling accuracy can be higher, and the parameters are operated on the panel.
2. 4/6/8/12 filling heads are used for simultaneous filling without foaming, and the filling output reaches 1000-2000 bottles / hour. (Filling head can be customized according to the actual needs of customers)
3. Enlarge the storage box to prevent material stoppage. There is a designed juice storage box on the top of the machine. The liquid flows through the storage box to the filling head for filling, which is convenient for observing the filling situation.
4. Crawler-type conveying, the line adopts crawler-type conveying, the conveying is stable, suitable for bottles of various sizes.
5. The motor is stable and durable, with a reducer, the motor speed can be adjusted, and the machine can run smoothly.
If you still don’t know how to bottle your juice by the machine, please contact us for free.
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