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Coffee Packaging Solutions

By:Sherry         Date:December-16-19

Coffee is very popular all over the wold. The coffee business is also popular. And coffee packaging is a very important process in the coffee sells process. So coffee packaging becomes very important.Here we will list several coffee packaging solutions.

1. Bag coffee packaging solution
There are different types of coffee bag packaging, from small bag, medium bag, big bag, etc. For different types, there are different models of coffee packing machine, but they work the same way.
a. Filling, metering, bag making, sealing, cutting, hot pressing, batch number, etc. can be automatically completed during the packaging process, and no adjustment is required for the positioning of the photoelectric reference mark.
b. Intelligent control system, English LED display. Just set the parameters to precisely control the system operation.
c. The heat sealer controls the bag edge evenly, and the upper and lower sides can be adjusted separately.
d. Changing tools can achieve different types of sealing.
 Coffee Packing Solution
2. Bottle coffee packaging solution
Bottle coffee is very suitable for family. It is complete by powder filling machine.
a. Packed in bottles or cans, equipped with an automatic bottle feeding system, no bottles are not filled.
b. Weight out-of-tolerance alarm and fault alarm to ensure product qualification rate.
c. Work data can be stored for next time use.
There are two types of coffee packaging solution, if you need information about other coffee packing solution, please contact us for free.
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