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10 Head Combination Scale

By:Sherry         Date:March-30-18

10 head scale
This is 10 head scale also has other models,such as 8 heads,14 heads, stainless steel, rotary combination, weigh scale system rated depending on materials and application. Twin chute design, equipped with double swing gate hoppers and double beam, strain gauge load cell.
Product features:
1. Electric eye tracking control, bag sealing and high cutting precision .
2. This 10 head scale machine can be used for three-side sealing, four sides sealing, or pillow type packaging.
3. The parts of this machine which contact with material use stainless steel, in line with safety and health standards.  
4. Packing size adjustment method is simple, the machine can change the packing size and the packing speed during the working process.
5. From the measurement → bag → filling → sealing → cut off, automatic operation.
6. According to customer needs, design and manufacture all kinds of packaging machines.
10 head combination scale scope: powder, granules and other items.such as sugar, salt, pepper, tea, coffee, medicine, melon seeds, spices, peanuts, french fries, potato chips and so on.
Applicable packaging material: packaging materials need to be heat-sealed packaging materials, such as: PET,PE.
Optional equipment: Automatic counting alarm device, date printing device, easy to tear mouth device.
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