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What is the difference between heat shrink and vacuum packing machine?

By:Sherry         Date:December-26-17

Difference between shrink and vacuum packing machine
Heat shrink packing is wrapping the packaging film on the outside of product . After heating, shrink film is tightly wrapped in product or package, which can better show the appearance of the product, improve the sales performance of the product, and also increase its aesthetic value and sense of value. Can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti pollution effect in the goods after heat shrinkable packaging machine packaging, and can protect the goods from external shocks, has some of the buffer, especially when packaging fragile goods, to prevent broken vessels flying. In addition, the possibility of dismantling and stealing of the product can be reduced.
Vacuum packing machine includes single room, double room, external pumping type, and platform type vacuum packing machine. There are some aspects of vacuum packer that surpass the trend of other similar packing machines. However, all kinds of packaging equipment are actively innovating, and every machine has huge market potential. The vacuum packing machine can automatically extract the air inside the bag, and complete the sealing process after the vacuum degree is reached. It can also be filled with nitrogen or other mixed gases, and then complete the sealing process. Vacuum packer is often used in the food industry, because after vacuum packaging, food can be antioxidant, so as to achieve long-term preservation.
1. The heat shrink packing is designed to cover the outer packaging of the product with a layer of film to the beauty of the body.
2. The vacuum packaging machine is the vacuum bag inside the air out, to achieve the role of preservation.


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