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Debug Steps Of Inner And Outer Tea Bag Packing Machine

By:Sherry         Date:January-08-18

Inner and outer tea bag packing machine
Inner and outer tea bag
 packing machine
 is suitable for tea or other small particles. The main features of the inner and outer tea bag packing machine are as follows:
1. The inner bag and the outer bag are formed in one time.
2. All parts which contact material are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the health and reliability of the products.
3. The additional device of the machine can perform the functions of cutting, printing, and tearing the mouth.
The debug steps of the inner and outer tea bag packing machine are as follows:
1. Adjust the inner bag filter paper of the inner and outer tea packing machine (the clutch of the string and tag to separate state)
2. After adjusting the inner bag, then adjust the cotton string.
3. Adjust the tag of the tea bag packing machine.
4. Adjust the feeding time of the packing machine.
5. Adjusting weight of tea in each bag (adjust the height of the measuring cup)
6. Adjust the outer bag of the tea packing machine (when the outer bag is adjusted, the clutch of the inner bag mechanism is allocated to separate state separately).
The working principle of the inner and outer bag tea packing machine is quite complex, so we need patience in the adjustment process, but as long as we follow these steps, there will be no problem.If you still have any question about debugging tea bag packing machine, please contact sherry@machinehall.com


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