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Dry Powder Filling Machine With Screw

By:Sherry         Date:January-05-18

Dry Powder Filling Machine
Measurement of powder packing machine often use screw metering ,according to different materials measurement methods it is different, such as flour, starch and other liquidity small materials, we recommend using screw vertical extensions, if you pack material in this way,it will has high precision and beautiful appearance.
When the powder filling machine is packed with high fluidity materials, such as fine salt, it is recommended to use a flat push screw. This not only solves the problem of low measurement accuracy, but also solves the leakage of material. In the use of screw metering, the powder packing machine should adjust the working speed of the machine properly according to the nature of the material.
Although, according to the different mobility of powder, can be divided into two types, but no matter what the nature of the powder, we recommend the use of screw, because no matter what kind of dry powder packing machine use screw metering method, the effect is good than the other way, but also to the packaging environment greatly improved, to avoid cross infection of dust pollution and the material, which is why powder packing machine use screw metering.


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