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Packing Material Of Triangle Tea Packing Machine

By:Sherry         Date:January-08-18

Triangle tea bag packing machine
Many people will concerned the packing material when drink triangle tea bag,is it safe? The triangle tea bag is used for environmental protection packaging materials, and it is safe and degradable. These packaging materials are non-toxic, bacteria free, heat-resistant and high quality food grade materials which are approved by the national safety inspection. They are transparent and you can see tea in bags.
Triangle tea bag seal adopts ultrasonic safe adhesive technology, make the package tight, health and safety, and reduce the unnecessary sealing width, no waste of packing materials, compared to ordinary triangular tea bags and tea bags, triangle tea bag with higher quality, more beautiful, consumers can be assured.
Triangle tea bag packing machine is unique three-dimensional transparent to a greater extent to tea stretch space, quickly release the fragrance of tea, this kind of packing in the pour hot water, 360 degrees of rapid release of active ingredients, make tea can be extended, many brew tea bags, and not easy to be damaged.
The characteristics of the pyramid tea packing machine:
1. Through the ultrasonic seal cut off mode.
2. Packing capacity of 3000 bags / hours.
3. This tea bag packing machine can produced tea bag with string and tag.
4. Electronic weighing method, easy to change the filler, accurate measurement.


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