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Corn Fiber Tea Bags And Nylon Tea Bag Difference

By:Sherry         Date:March-14-18

Nylon tea bag packing machine
Nylon triangle tea bag
is more popular in recent years, especially scented tea, most of the scented tea use nylon triangle bag. The advantage is strong toughness, not easy to rip, can place the whole tea, the whole piece of tea will not spoil the tea bag, the net hole is bigger, the taste of tea is more easily distributed, the visual permeability is strong, can very clearly see the tea in the tea bag, this is the reason why use a large number of nylon triangle tea bag. The disadvantage is that the industrial sense is relatively strong, in the brewing, if more than 90 ℃ for a long time, may release harmful substances.
Corn fiber triangle tea bags
are also being used by more and more high-end tea producers. Corn fiber is the corn starch saccharification, fermentation into high purity lactic acid, and then through a certain industrial manufacturing process to form polylactic acid, to achieve fiber recycling, fiber cloth meticulous balance, mesh hole arrangement neat, on the surface can be compared with nylon material, visual permeability is also very strong, before soaking, you can clearly see tea bag tea.
There are two ways to differentiate between nylon tea bags and corn fiber tea bags:
1. Fire.When the nylon tea bag is lit, it becomes black, while the corn fiber tea bag is lit, it is like burning the dry grass, also has the fragrance of the plant.
2. Tear hard. Nylon tea bags are difficult to tear, and corn fiber cloth tea bags are easily torn. At present the market also has a large number of manufacturers claimed to use the corn fiber tea bag, the actual use of false corn fiber, a lot of nylon tea bag, the cost is lower than the corn fiber .
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