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What Kind Of Tea Is Good For You?

By:Sherry         Date:March-12-18

what kind of tea is good for you?
A lot of people like to drink tea all year round, but what kind of tea is good for you? Different types of people have different health conditions, so drinking tea depends on physique, and should be appropriate to drink. The people who easy to be lit is suitable for drinking green tea, the frail person is suitable for drinking oolong tea and Puer teas, tea through different production process, there are cool and warm .
People's physique has warm and cold, so the physique different people drink tea is also different. In general, the people who's easy to be lit should drink cool tea, and people who are weak should drink warm tea. Smoking and drinking, obese people, should drink cool tea. The stomach is not good, eating spicy, cool food easy to diarrhea people, suitable for drinking warm tea.
Different seasons, the type of tea should also have a corresponding change. For example: drinking scented tea in Spring , scented tea can go out in the body of the chill, drink green tea in summer, you can clearing heat, relieving summer-heat, improve digestion, etc.
People in different regions have different tastes, for example: some places like to drink green tea and scented tea;Some places like to drink oolong tea and black teas.
People of different ages like to drink tea is not the same, for example: For young people, packaging is very important, some good-looking, stylish packaging can get their favor, for some middle-aged and old people, traditional tea, more can win their likes.
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