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Low Price Holes Tea Bag Packing Machine

By:Sherry         Date:March-14-18

low price holes tea bag packing machine
“I need a low price holes tea bag packing machine,can you provide for me?”Many customer ask this question.But we don’t know what is a low price for you, we can only say that our holes tea bag packing machine with factory price.
Because we are tea bag packing machine manufacturer, so the price we give is ex-factory prices, there is no intermediary costs, but the customers still feel that our machine price is high, but there is a proverb in China "Get What your Pay for", So if you want to buy a good machine that can work for you for a long time, don't pay too much attention to price. So let's explain why our prices is higher.
Characteristics of holes tea bag packing machine:
1. Packaging speed can be stepless adjustment within a certain range, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, so that the packaging process stable and reliable.
2. Bag length can be set in the rated range of arbitrary settings, stable and reliable, speed can be adjusted.
3. When the packaging film has color mark positioning mark, the machine can realize photoelectric automatic detection, positioning, sealing, cutting, to ensure the integrity of the pattern.
4. Has the self-diagnosis, the malfunction prompts the function.
5. Temperature control with high-precision PID regulation, with very good sealing stability, to ensure the sealing quality of different materials.
6. Easy operation and maintenance, intermittent structure, easy to operate and repair.
7. Versatility, through the replacement of different filling head can achieve a machine for multiple purposes.
8. Automatic printing product batch number, easy to use.
9. Use high-quality devices, stable quality, small noise, low failure rate, long service life.
If you interested in holes tea bag packing machine,please contact us for free.


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