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Chips Packing Machine Cursor Positioning

By:Sherry         Date:April-08-18

chips packing machine
Many chips packing machine manufacturers say that their machine with a cursor positioning function when introduce their machine. The cursor positioning is to scan the positioning cursor on the packaging film with the positioning photoelectricity provided on the machine or added later. When the machine recognizes the cursor on the bag, it will automatically locate the seal to ensure the integrity of the product pattern, so that the product’s bag is more beautiful.
In order to ensure the machine positioning accurate, the following things need to be taken care of:
1. The user should understand the positioning properties of the machine to the machine supplier. Especially when making packaging film, the positioning point must use easily-identifiable colors, and the scanning edge of the packaging film should not be mixed with other colors. The scanning edge is a color that is obviously different from the color marking.
2. The size of the positioning point and the width of the scanning edge. The positioning point is usually 8mm long and 5mm wide. The edge of the bag is more than 8mm. It is the easiest to identify. If it is too small, it is prone to errors or inaccurate positioning.
3. Photoelectric regulation. The distance between the optoelectronics and the packaging film is generally suitable for the photoelectricity of 2mm spots; then the packaging film is passed through as far as possible to prevent the spot of the packaging film from leaking.
The chips packing machine has a wide range of packaging and the size of the bag can be adjusted. Its main features are: simple structure, low failure rate, accurate quantitative, and wide adaptability. The machine adopts advanced stepper motor control mode, with keyboard setting, automatic quantitative filling, weighing feedback, automatic correction error, alarm, material level control, counting and other functions.
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