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Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturers

By:Sherry         Date:April-04-18

bottle filling machine manufacturer
There are many bottle filling machine manufacturers on the market,but many customer choose our company,that’s why?
1. We are a real factory, established in 2010, we focus on the production of filling machine, with 3000 square meters of independent property rights of the plant.
2. We have a wealth of experience, over the years,we have been focused on domestic and foreign market sales and services, we provide customers with products and services, accumulated a lot of experience, can provide customers with a variety of filling programs.
3.Our machine is stable,with good efficiency and reasonable price.Because of our long commitment to customer service, we have received a lot of customer feedback on quality and technical issues, so our technology has been improved, production technology more mature.
4. Good reputation, our customers from more than 30 countries, now 50% of orders from the old customers, we will not suddenly disappear, we will certainly grow with our customers.
About service:
Pre-sales service:
Buyers need to cooperate sincerely with us to provide the product information we need, which is important because the final solution is based on the information provided by the customer.
We will real-time feedback the production progress to the buyer, when the machine finished production, we will invite buyers to the factory test machine, if the buyer thinks the machine is ok, we will arrange ship, if the customer is not convenient to the on-site inspection machine we can make machine test video to customers.
After sale:
We can send technicians to the customer’s factory to install the commissioning machine, our warranty period of 12 months, during this time we provide customers with spare parts free and necessary technical support, exceeding the shelf life will require customers to pay the cost.
If you have any other question about the bottle filling machine service,please contact us for free.


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Longer Machinery after years of continuous innovation of the development process, the production of packaging machines in the industry enjoy a high honor and reputation. Now the main products are: cellophane packaging machine, tea packing machine, pillow type packing machine,etc,.

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