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Milk Powder Packing Machine for Sale

By:Sherry         Date:April-08-18

Milk powder packing machine
With the development of technology, milk powder packing machine technology has also been further innovative development, the scope of use is also expanding. Milk powder packing machine manufacturers continue to apply a variety of new technologies to the research and development of packaging machines to make them more advanced and have higher technological content. Automatic milk powder packing machines can make products that are packaged better and bring huge economic benefits to enterprises. The application of new technologies has brought great potential for the development of powder packaging machines, and has also promoted the development of various production enterprises.
The main technical parameters
1. The system uses Chinese/English LCD display, bag length, package quantity, speed, etc. can be displayed.
2. Personalized design, according to different manufacturers to display the corresponding company name, telephone number and other information.
3. Measure the length of the package automatically, without manual intervention in the length of the packaging film.
4. Electronic color mark positioning function, instead of manually moving the photoelectric eye.
5. The menu conversion function in Chinese and English is applicable to the international market.
6. Adopting special photoelectric compensation and intelligent error correction techniques, the accuracy has been improved.
7. Packaging speed display, instant display of the output per minute.
8. The menu-based operation interface has operation prompts and the operation method is very simple.
9. Intelligent troubleshooting and display the error location.
10. Fine adjustment of the vibration force before and after, making the feeding faster and more accurate.
11. There is an emergency stop button.
12. The weight of the package can be directly adjusted when feeding with a screw, and there is a weight display.
13. All controls are implemented by software programs to facilitate functional adjustments and technology upgrades.
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