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Cement Packer Operation

By:Sherry         Date:August-16-19

How to operate the cement packing machine. The cement packer operation is very simple. The main steps are as follows:
 Cement Packer
Start operation step:
power up—Start belt conveyor—Start packing machine—Start feeding machine—Give bag—Filling—Metering—Drop bag
Downtime step:
Close feeding machine—Emptying the cement in the packaging machine—Turn off the main power

The operation of the cement packer is very simple, but in order to make the machine run better, pay attention to the following points:
1. Pay attention to the site environment before starting the machine, and remove the obstacles that affect the operation. Except for inserting the bag, other people are prohibited from approaching the machine.
2. Carefully check the electrical part before driving. The position of the governor knob is at 0 position. Turn the knob clockwise to gradually accelerate to the required speed. The governor knob must be adjusted back to 0 position every time it stops.
3. Keep the body and machine at an appropriate distance when inserting the bag to prevent bruises.
4. Do not touch the cement bag during filling, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy.
5. When there is a fault during emergency shutdown, the power must be cut off, listed for warning or supervised by someone.
6. The grounding protection of the packaging machine should be safe and reliable, and the grounding resistance should be checked regularly.
7. When the belt conveyor suddenly stops, immediately turn off the rotary power to prevent the cement bag from being scratched.
As long as you follow the above rules, you can operate the cement packer smoothly. If you encounter any problems during the operation, you can contact our customer service( Email: sherry@machinehall.com ), we will send you a detailed cement packer operation video.


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