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What Types of Food Packaging Machines?

By:Sherry         Date:August-07-19

What types of food packaging machines? According to different standards, food packaging machines can be divided into different types.
Classified by the degree of automation of the packaging machine:
1. Automatic packaging machine. This type of machine is a machine that automatically supplies packaging film and materials and can automatically complete other packaging processes.
2. Semi-automatic packaging machine. that manually transport materials, but that automatically complete other packaging processes.
 Types of Food Packaging Machine
Classified by types of packaged product
1. Special packaging machine. A machine specially designed to package a certain product.
2. Multi-purpose packaging machine. It is a machine that can pack two or more products by adjusting or replacing related working parts.
3. Universal packaging machine. It is a machine that is suitable for packaging two or more different types of products within the specified range.
Classified by function of packaging machine
China's standards are based on the principle of division of the main functions of the packaging machine, the packaging machine is divided into 12 categories, including filling machine, sealing machine, wrapping machine, labeling machine, multi-function packaging machine, etc.
Regardless of which method is used for classification, it can be explained that there are many types of food packaging machines. Usually we will introduce the appropriate packaging machine type to the customer according to the customer's packaging materials and packaging requirements. If you are not sure which type of packaging machine is right for you, you can consult our customer service staff.


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