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How to Cellophane Wrap A Box?

By:Sherry         Date:August-23-19

When you buy a perfume on the mall, you saw that the box wrapped by cellophane, but do you know how to cellophane wrap a box? Maybe you think it is difficult, but the automatic cellophane wrapping machine makes it easy.
 Cellophane Wrap
How to cellophane wrap a box by the machine?
The cellophane film is cut into a length that meets the packaging requirements by a cutter, and the box is conveyed by a conveyor. The cylinder pushes the box forward, wrapping, folding and heat sealing automatically. Since the machine does not have a heat-sealing oven, it is not necessary to heat the object to be packaged as a whole, but a partial point instant low-temperature sealing is used, which does not cause a temperature change in the package inside the box, so it is called a cold package.
What is the advantages of cellophane wrap a box by machine?
1. Energy-saving, fully sealed, waterproof and moisture-proof.
2. Fully automatic. Automatic feeding, stacking, wrapping, heat sealing, finishing, counting.
3. The electrical control system is centered on the programmable controller PLC to ensure stable and reliable operation and stable performance.
4. Automatic zero adjustment, reset function, user-friendly and intelligent. It is easier to use, operate and maintain.
5. Different sizes of boxes can be wrapped with a small number of parts.

How to operate the machine?
Its method of operation is very simple.
1. Turn on the power, turn on the machine switch, and start working.
2. Run the empty machine for 2-3 minutes to check if there is abnormal noise and the screw is tight.
3. With the machine running normally, place the box in the machine inlet.
4. The machine automatically completes the process of film wrapping, film cutting and sealing.
5. Finished product output.


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