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Bottle Filling Machine Small

By:Sherry         Date:April-04-18

bottle filling machine small
Small bottle filling machine
is used to fill a variety of beverages, such as water, syrup, cola, juice and so on. The machine has the following characteristics:
1. For carbonated beverages filling, adjust the method of gas content is simple, according to the requirements of the beverage gas content, through the appropriate operation to adjust.
2. The machine set up a sound automatic control system, with action coordination, simple structure, production continuous, high degree of automation advantages.
3. Can add cleaning process, reasonable structure, can be easily carried out chemical disinfection, heat disinfection and water rinse, in line with food hygiene requirements.
4. The machine can also fill fruit juice with granules, include washing--fruit grain filling--juice filling--capping ,four parts.At the same time, fruit filling valve is plunger valve filling, widely used in jam, oil and other product filling.
5. Use the high hardness operation panel, easy to clean, the drive system is located under the panel, the space is big, the maintenance is convenient.
6. The machine uses the PLC control box touch screen, is easy to operate, the high automation.
7. Unique cleaning system design, automatic conveying of bottles, import bottles, flip bottles, rinse bottles.
8. The capping system has overload protection device. When the bottle size is exceeded, the pressure can be reduced automatically to prevent the bottle from breakage.
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