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Juice Bottle Filling Machine
Small Scale Juice Bottling Equipment

Small Scale Aseptic Juice Bottle Filling Machine For Sale

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:The small scale juice bottling equipment can be used for filling litchi juice, mango juice, orange juice, sugarcane juice and other liquid.

Features The small scale juice bottling equipment can be used for filling litchi juice, mango juice, orange juice, sugarcane juice and other liquid. The aseptic juice filling machine adopts the servo motor to control the plunger pump to realize the measurement of viscous fluid and is suitable for the quantitative filling of products with different viscosity.

Passion Fruit Juice Filling Machine
Juice Bottle Filling Machine Features:
1. New design, light and convenient, can automatically transport raw materials and finished products, for thicker pastes, can add the hopper.
2. Anti-drip filling system, the cylinder up and down movement during filling, driving the filling head. The material cylinder and the tee joint is connected by a hand-clamp type, and no special tools are required. The loading and unloading and cleaning are very convenient.
3. Needle filling head: Can be used for filling small-bore bottles and hose packaging products. The diameter and length of the needle part can be customized according to the size of the container.
4. Turn / ball valve control system: suitable for different viscosity materials packaging, and can solve high pressure feeding and other pressure problems.
5. The microcomputer realizes quantitative filling through servo motor control, and the filling capacity is arbitrarily set within the rated range.
6. 7-inch touch screen operation display, full English man-machine interface, intuitive and easy to understand.
7. The small scale juice bottling equipment can be equipped with conveyor belt, capping machine, labeling machine and other related equipment.

Juice Filling Machine Video:

Juice Bottle Filling Machine After Sale Service:
1. Installation and debugging
We will send experienced engineers and technicians to the factory for installation and debugging to ensure the normal operation.
2. Regular service
In order to guarantee the long-term stable operation of the small scale juice bottling equipment, we will provide comprehensive service once or twice a year according to the customer's demand.
3. Adequate inventory of parts
In order to reduce your cost of inventory parts and provide better and faster service, we have prepared sufficient equipment parts as inventory to provide parts to you quickly.
juice filling and sealing machine
Technical Data
Model LGP-12
Filling quotas 12(can be customized)
Bottle Height 120-330mm
Filling Range 150-5000 ml
Filling accuracy ±1%
Capacity 300-1300 bottles/h
Weight 400 kg
Filling capacity 1000-10000 mm



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